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Roll-in showers.

Our flat tile roll-in shower floor comes with a minimal slope around the drain, no curb, and is barrier-free, ensuring the safety of your loved ones. We offer a range of colors for our 2’’ x 2” anti-slip tiles, and tile upgrades are also available.

You can choose between tile or solid surface walls, and we also provide accent boards to enhance the decor of your bathroom.

Choose tile or full insert.


• Anti-scald shower valve

• Hand held sprayer

• Niche grab bar

• Wall dam retainer

• Light exhaust fan

• Heat lamps

Designed to your specific space.

If your bathroom is small, we can help you optimize the space by utilizing areas from a bedroom, hall, or closet. Our team specializes in designing and creating possibilities that make your shower work for you. We offer a range of options, including roll under vanities, wall mount sinks, mirror and lighting packages, as well as drywall and painting services. Whatever your bathroom needs, we can provide solutions that are both functional and stylish.


Our roll-in showers come with additional safety and convenience features such as grab bars, hand-held shower wands, built-in storage that is easily accessible from a seated position, and fold-down bench seats.

For anyone looking for a simple bathing experience to soak away the stress, a walk-in tub is an excellent choice. Taking a warm bath may calm nerves, clear sinuses, and reduce inflammation in muscles and joints. Try adding bath salts to ease arthritis and heighten your relaxing experience.

Accessible Tubs

Looking for accessible bathing options?